christmas greetings

(December 14, 2011)


To all of our customers

Thank you for your custom,this last year has been busier than ever expected and has given our ebay sales a good run for their money.

We are really looking forward to the next year,

For customers that would rather use an auction site our products are also on ebay, but why not take a look at our products on ebid aswell,this an up and coming auction site without the big ebay fees having to be added onto the price.

Whichever shopping method you choose always be certain of the same great service.

Please remember the last day for delivery before christmas is 22/11 we will be taking orders over christmas and the new year for deliveries resuming again for 3/1/2012

Let`s all leave the world economy worries behind us for a couple of weeks and have a ;


and a



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